Preliminary architectural-urban planning and landscape design "Sports-recreational zone Hum Forest Park" with Feasibility Study and economic justification

IPSA INSTITUTE for the contracting authority UNDP BiH in coordination with the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, realized the development of the service preliminary architectural, urban and landscape design “Sports and recreational zones of Forest Park Hum” with the Feasibility and Economic Feasibility Study. These services has been implemented during the period from 2019 to 2023.

Project characteristics:
The scope of the development of the preliminary architectural-urban planning and landscape design occupies a total area of 23.62 ha and is part of the Hum Forest Park. The preliminary design envisages spatial interventions that would enable better connectivity and access to the newly planned contents. The main emphasis is placed on interventions that do not threaten the natural value of the environment, but enrich it and offer it to users to enjoy. The largest part of the subject scope still remains a green oasis in the immediate vicinity of the city center with two zones where interventions are planned in the construction of public buildings that would offer additional facilities and also ensure the economic sustainability of the Hum forest park.

The first phase of the project development dealt with the analysis and valorization of the existing situation and the definition of thematic zones within the park, the development of infrastructure projects as well as the development of a feasibility study of the project. Through the second phase of the project, the creation of preliminary designs for the lookout zones and accommodation capacity zones started. The lookout zone was formed in the immediate vicinity of the existing repeater facility. This is the zone at the highest point and includes the area that offers the best views of the surroundings. Emphasis on this zone was achieved by planning the Sky walk, which offers a lift from the terrain and a new experience of the entire space.

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