Our team

Enko Hubanić, M.C.E.

Danijela Ozme broj 4
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 276320
e-mail: info@ipsa-institut.com

Hasan Mahmutagić, BSc of Civil Engineering

Danijela Ozme broj 4
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 276324
e-mail: hasan.mahmutagic@ipsa-institut.com

Jasmin Jeleč, BSc of Electrical Engineering

Danijela Ozme broj 4
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 276333
e-mail: jasmin.jelec@ipsa-institut.com

Head of the ITES department

Enes Čovrk, BSc in Traffic and Communication Engineering

Danijela Ozme broj 4
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 276 32
e-mail: enes.covrk@ipsa-institut.com

Head of the PPA department

Adi Muminović, BSc in Architecture

Danijela Ozme broj 4
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 276 337
e-mail: adi.muminovic@ipsa-institut.com

Head of Traffic department

Predrag Šarkinović, BSc of Civil Engineering

Danijela Ozme broj 4
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 376362
e-mail: predrag.sarkinovic@ipsa-institut.com

Head of Construction department

Dejan Gavrić, BSc of Civil Engineering

Danijela Ozme broj 4
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 276337
e-mail: dejan.gavric@ipsa-institut.com

Head of the HYDRO department

Adnan Habibović, BSc of Civil Engineering

Danijela Ozme broj 4
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 376360
e-mail: adnan.habibovic@ipsa-institut.com

Head of ENICOM department

Amir Kadić, BSc of Electrical Engineering

Danijela Ozme broj 4
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 376328
e-mail: amir.kadic@ipsa-institut.com

Head of Engineering department

Velid Varatanović, BSc in Architecture

Put života bb
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 276359
e-mail: velid.varatanovic@ipsa-institut.com

Head of ARP department

Amira Sipović, BSc in economics

Danijela Ozme broj 4
71000 Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 276342
e-mail: amira.sipovic@ipsa-institut.com

Work unit ITES (Researches in Technical and Economic Systems) performs activates for preparing feasibility studies, technical and technological studies, and traffic studies. They also operate in area of creating master plans for transport systems development. Then they participate in creating environmental protection studies and other studies in the domain of road traffic, rail and air traffic, ports and piers, creating studies in the domain of spatial planning and other infrastructural systems. IPSA ITES forms a team of graduated traffic and communication engineers, and civil engineer.

Generally speaking, the Spatial Planning and Architecture Division’s core business is arrangement in terms of both shape and function. The Division’s operations range from arranging the overall space of an administrative territory arranging the inner city and city parts of designing structures or prior interior thereof. Hence, the Division comprises a group of town planners/architects specialized in different areas, who in their contemplation about space balance between science and art, thus creating a recognizable and usable product aligned with the legislation and European principles.

IPSA Traffic (TRAN S) is hiring a team of civil engineering graduates, majoring in traffic engineering, and traffic and communication engineers. The primary focus of the work of this work unit is the design of transport infrastructure, but also the planning and safety of transport. In their work, our team of experts from this work unit successfully participates in the creation of the most complex projects of all levels and phases in the field of transport infrastructure.

IPSA Constructions/ Structures (TRAN K) consists of a team of civil engineering graduates with specialization in constructions and geotechnics, who, as part of their activity, work on the construction of complex projects of bridges, viaducts, underpasses, overpasses and other objects related to transport infrastructure. In addition, the domain of this work unit includes the activities of calculation for buildings and other objects.

The general scope of activities of the hydrotechnical department of IPSA INSTITUT consists of the preparation of study, planning and project documentation of all levels of design, primarily in the field of communal hydrotechnics and traffic infrastructure, and then in other areas of water management (water resources management), as well as hydrotechnical construction and communal engineering. IPSA HYDRO consists a team of graduated civil engineers – majoring in hydraulic engineering.

IPSA ENICOM provides consulting services in the field of energy and telecommunications as well as design services in those fields. We offer optimal solutions using advanced methods and technologies. IPSA ENICOM is particularly focused on renewable energy sources. This department consists a team of graduated electrical engineers. ENICOM provides conuslting services in the following areas: energy plants, power distribution systems, lighting, telecommunications projects, security systems for transport infrastructure, solar power plants, wind farms and more.

IPSA Inžinjering’s activities include : project management, expert supervision of works in following areas: structural, electrical and mechanical works, works on drainage systems, waste water treatment and others. Also, Inžinjering participate in contracts based on „turnkey“ principle. Our experts in this field also provide administration and financial management, development and implementation of plans for quality assurance, verification of compliance of works with safety standards, development of instructions and procedures for maintenance works and others.

The joint services of IPSA INSTITUT consist of the Bid Preparation Team, the Legal Team, the Finance Department, and the Human Resources Management Department. The joint services of the IPSA INSTITUT hires experts from the fields of legal sciences, economic sciences, but also technical experts, and support staff.

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