Who we are

Company name: IPSA INSTITUT d.o.o. Sarajevo

Company logo: IPSA




  • Head office: Danijela Ozme 4, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • ENCOS d.o.o.,
  • Daughter company: CETEOR d.o.o., Bosnia and Herzegovina

Authorized person:

Turnover (in millions €): ?x?x?x?x in last five years / 4.14 in 2014

Work force: 94 full-time employees (in seven organisational units of IPSA) and 35 part-time employees

Fields of specialisation:

Planning, study/research, design and project management/supervision of infrastructure systems (transport, water supply and sewerage, electric power, telecommunications, gas supply); Urban, regional and spatial planning; Waste management

Experience in EU (co)funded Programmes:

  • IPA
  • WBIF

Regional experience:

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo (Under UNSCR 1244/99) and Albania


We offer high quality consulting engineering services in the fields of study and design development, project management, supervision of works related to transport infrastructure, water and power supply, building construction and environmental protection. Our knowledge, creativity and team spirit enable us to deliver first class services to each client.


  • To be recognized as a company observing high values, with competitive ability and the trust of all stakeholders, achieving economic results and social responsibility as a renowned company in BiH and to maintain the leading market position in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of infrastructure focused consulting engineering.
  • To maintain the reputation that IPSA Institute has acquired following the principles of business excellence;
  • To be the company that constantly attracts and retains experts giving them the opportunity and obliging them to constantly develop and improve;
  • To be the company that learns and continuously grows its innovative, developmental and entrepreneurial capabilities with the aim of achieving a stable and prosperous market position;
  • To be the company that initiates the development of BiH.

Quality Policy

  • Understand current and future needs and expectations of our Clients, satisfy their requirements and try to exceed their expectations;
  • Constant improvement of the quality of our services and effectiveness of quality management system processes;
  • Educate and motivate our employees and promote team work in order to optimise the use of their abilities;
  • When necessary, outsource the services of leading experts to our mutual benefit and in the long term;

Our services cover all activities involved in the cycle of an infrastructure project. We support our clients in identifying new services and products, evaluating their business potential, developing projects, preparing business plans and various market and project studies, as well as in preparing all portions of design documents.
Services provided by IPSA Institute include:

  • Service and product development
  • Conceptual solution development
  • Development of preliminary and feasibility studies
  • Preparation of preliminary and final designs
  • Support in supervising all construction stages

IPSA Institute has 35 years of international experience in all relevant fields. The vast range of comprehensive consulting and engineering services covers the following sectors:

  • transport
  • water supply
  • power supply
  • environmental protection
  • spatial planning and architecture
  • telecommunication

IPSA is composed of the following organisational units:

  • IPSA – ITES (Research into Technical and Economic Systems)
  • IPSA – TRAN (Transport infrastructure)
  • IPSA – PPA (Spatial Planning and Architecture)
  • IPSA – HYDRO (Water Engineering)
  • IPSA – ENICOM (Energy and Communications)
  • IPSA – ENGINEERING (Project Management and Supervision)

IPSA has a number of interdisciplinary teams composed of engineers, economists and scientists, who are able to develop the best solutions for our clients. IPSA Institute is registered in important international registries for consultancy services. IPSA has established cooperation with over 70 consulting companies based in the European Union, USA and Japan.
IPSA’s teams include university professors from the Faculty of Traffic and Communication, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

IPSA INSTITUT d.o.o. Sarajevo (hereinafter: IPSA) is a privately owned independent consulting company from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since its foundation in 1958, IPSA has successfully carried out more than 8.000 contracts, establishing a regionally recognizable brand. IPSA has also been recognized as a reliable partner in the development of infrastructure systems providing a broad range of expertise as follows: Urban and Regional Spatial Planning, Master Planning, Feasibility Studies and Design of infrastructure systems, Tender Preparation and Project Management, Environmental Impact Studies and Waste Management, Supervision of Construction Works, Technical Assistance and Optimization of technical solutions.

IPSA’s full dedication to provide nothing but excellent services was recognized by the Quality Management System certificate based on ISO 9001:2008 standard. Most of our nearly 100 full-time employees are top professionals skilled and fully committed to providing not only reliable but also sustainable solutions to clients. Consequently, IPSA’s competence and capability to carry out highly complex projects in cooperation with different international and domestic partners, has been verified by a lasting relationship with major international institutions including the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation etc.

Finally, we are proud to present the company’s competitive strengths as well as IPSA’s reference list with projects realized through different EU (co)financed programmes in last 20 years.