Preliminary and Main rehabilitation design of the building Cantonal Public Utility Company Center "Skenderija"

For the contracting authority UNDP BiH and in coordination with the final beneficiary of KJKP Centar Skenderija IPSA INSTITUTE has implemented the development of the service The main design of the rehabilitation of part of the facility “Youth Center” KJP Center Skenderija. The contract was implemented in the period from 2022 to 2023.

Project characteristics:
The main rehabilitation design of the “Dom mladih” facility includes the following segments:
– Rehabilitation of a flat roof,
– Rehabilitation of the amphitheater and accompanying facilities,
– Renovation of the Ars Aevi exhibition space,
– Rehabilitation of the administrative part of the Cantonal Public Utility Company Center “Skenderija” administration.

The project includes activities to harmonize the existing state and planned contents with regard to all installation systems.

The project provides proposals based on which the existing structure, damaged in certain segments, will be facilitated.
The project defines measures that improve the functionality and design of the building itself so that it continues to create the foundations of the cultural life of young people.

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