Preliminary and Detailed design of all phases for the construction of the Pofalići Primary School building

Contracting authority The Institute for the Construction of the Sarajevo Canton and the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo have awarded a contract to the IPSA INSTITUTE for the purpose of developing the service “Preliminary and Detailed design of all phases for the construction of the Public Institution Elementary School Pofalići”. In the period from 2019 to 2023, documentation was made for the project at the level of preliminary and detailed design.

Project characteristics:
The preliminary design has set, and the detailed design elaborated the solution of all phases for the construction of the “Pofalići” Elementary School. The projects include the solution of the elementary school building with a sports hall and a basic purpose shelter, as well as the treatment of the landscaping works, parking area with an access road and communal infrastructure within the scope.

Although it is a building plot of modest possibilities for the development of a certain concept of space organization, the offered architectural solution, which is compromised both in terms of form and function, nevertheless provides a whole within which all the necessary segments that make up one object of this purpose are satisfied.

The contents of the building with a total net area of approx. 8,500 m² are distributed through open and closed spaces along five floors, above ground and underground.

In order to establish a unique and functional whole, the interior treatment of the space with the display of visual communications was given.

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