Expressway section: Prača-Goražde

In the period from 2020 to 2021 the expert team of the IPSA INSTITUTE successfully performed design services for the expressway on the Prača – Goražde section. The main project was made as part of this project for the client PC Motorways of FBIH.

Project characteristics:
Final designs were developed for section 1 Prača-Goražde fro 0+000 to 13+765 km and section 2 North Goražde bypass fom 0+000 to 4+222
Section 1 includes bridges M1 (L=135m), M2 (L=195m), M3 (L=204m), and Section 2 includes half-interchange Goražde West, two bridges (L=108m) and (L=100m), and tunnel Goražde (L=1292m)
Main outputs:

  • Engineering-geological and hydrogeological explorations and geotechnical design,
  • Construction Designs of the main alignment, intersections (junctions), road structures,
  • Construction Designs of engineering structures (bridges, tunnels, PP, NP, galleries, walls),
  • Construction Designs of other roads and tollbooths,
  • Construction Designs of external and internal (closed system) drainage,
  • Design: Traffic signalization, traffic and other equipment for completed Motorway as well as for Motorway under construction,
  • Installations Designs (electrical installations, mechanical installations, and telecommunication installations of intelligent transport system),
  • Architectural – Civil Designs of structures and landscaping,
  • Geodetic Design (Survey) with Staking-out Study,
  • Environmental protection and landscaping Designs,
  • Landscaping Designs,
  • Noise Protection Study,Fire Protection and Prevention Study,
  • Study of Relocation and /or Protection of Archaeological Sites,
  • Occupational Health and Safety Study,
  • Environmental Protection Study and Municipal and Construction Waste Management Plan,
  • Hydrological Studies and projects for watercourses regulation,
  • Bases/maps for the preparation of expropriation studies and expropriation studies with parceling.
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