Expressway on the SEETO comprehensive network route 3: Sarajevo-Vardište

The overall goal of the Project is to improve socio-economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina by improving the transport infrastructure in accordance with the priorities of the SEETO network (“Comprehensive Transport Network of South-eastern Europe”). The realization of this Project would enable a better connection between the regions of Banja Luka, Zenica and Sarajevo with Eastern Bosnia and Western Serbia (areas around Užice and Čačak), i.e. with the neighboring country-candidate for EU membership.
The scope of services in this phase of the Project included the preliminary studies and projects for the improvement of the road connection between Sarajevo and Vardište, and the possibility of building an expressway.
The designer has set at least five preliminary route solutions on the entire Sarajevo-Vardište route, of which at least two solutions were analysed as part of the Preliminary Feasibility Study, as a result of the multicriteria analysis.

The project included:

  • Technical report
  • Analysis and identification
  • Technical study
  • Traffic study
  • Multi Criterion Analysis MCA
  • Conceptual design
  • Prefeasibility study
  • Preliminary environment impact assessment PEIA
  • Environmental Management plan EMP
  • Road safety audit, Terms of reference.
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