Detailed design of the interior part of the tunnel tube at the D-B Tunnel memorial complex

Within the contract IPSA INSTITUTE provided services of preparation for the Detailed interior design of a part of the tunnel pipe at the monument complex of the Tunnel D-B. The investor was the Sarajevo Canton Fund for the construction and preservation of cemeteries of martyrs and fallen fighters, memorial centers and memorials of genocide victims. The service has been implemented during the period from 2019 to 2020.

Project characteristics:
The detailed design is being prepared for the needs of the reconstruction of part of the DB Tunnel memorial complex, which is planned as a permanent museum exhibit. As part of the “setup”, a segment of the closed part of the tunnel with a length of approx. 155 m, and an open part of the trench with bunkers and other accompanying parts of the set-up are planned.
The tunnel segment is functionally divided into several zones

  • tunnel tube entrance zone,
  • zone of permanent museum exhibition,
  • electrical room,
  • tunnel pipe zone,
  • room zone for ventilation equipment,
  • exit zone from the tunnel tube.
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