Brčko District Police Station

IPSA INSTITUTE is engaged in the implementation of the service of supervision of construction phase II of the Brčko District Police Station. The service was realized during the period from 2015 to 2016 and for the contracting authority UNDP BiH and Brčko District. The investment value was €4.8 million.

Project characteristics:

The gross and net surface areas of the building measure 11.891,00 m² and 9.608,00 m² respectively. The building is comprised of blocks A, B and V, a basement, ground floor and two floors in blocks A and V, as well as three floors in block B. Phase I included solely rough construction works and completion of the RC supporting structure.

Phase II included some supporting structure works and the following works in their entirety:

  • construction and finishing works,
  • electrical and mechanical works,
  • water supply and sewer works,
  • fire safety works,
  • erection of a 22,00 m high antenna mast on the roof of the building,
  • infrastructure connections,
  • a part of landscaping works.
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