Track Overhaul, from km 313+314 to km 321+733 on section Mijatovo Kolo – Mojkovac, Montenegro

In the period from 2009 to 2010 IPSA INSTITUTE provided services for the design/repair of the railway on the section Mijatovo Kolo-Mojkovac in the territory of the Republic of Montenegro. The contracting authority was ŽICG AD, and the investment value of the project was approximately EUR 2.8 million. The main project was developed.

Project characteristics:
The project documentation was created in order to plan and carry out works and bring the track, which was put into operation in 1976, to its original state or to improve its horizontal and vertical geometry, design speed and axial load on the entire section, as well as to improve comfort and safety travels. The project includes the regulation of the entire upper structure of the track and the upper structure of the bridge, as well as the improvement of the overhead contact line, the signal blocking system on the railway, and telecommunication devices and equipment. In order to be able to implement the Project Task, it was necessary to create reports on mechanical soil tests and record the geodetic situation. The track section in question is 8.5 km long with numerous bridges and tunnels. Ballast replacement, installation of new S-49 rails, replacement of fastening accessories and welding of tracks in DTŠ are planned. The preliminary measurements are included in the project. In addition to the sections between the stations, it was also planned to carry out work on the Mijatovo Kolo and Mojkovac stations.

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