The main project of the tram line from Ilidža to -Hrasnica

In the period from 2018 to 2019, the Main design of the tram line from Ilidža to Hrasnica was carried out for the needs of the Ministry of Transport of Sarajevo Canton. The investment value of the project was EUR 22 million.

Project characteristics:
The project was designed to connect Ilidža and Hrasnica with other Sarajevo city municipalities. Projected Vmax=60km/h, in the stop zones and intersection zones Vmax= 25km/h
The project contains:

  • project route of a new two-track tramway, situationally and level-adjusted to the existing condition, in accordance with RP and local restrictions. Route tram line, is in a separate zone between two-lane roads in opposite directions, approx. 6.5 km long,
  • redesigning the existing Ilidža turnpike and designing the new Hrasnica turnpike, with a total of 7 switches planned
  • drainage system project,
  • 20 new stops, 7 types of stops, with complete equipment and payment system,
  • power supply,
  • EVP and NN and optics,
  • contact network kit,
  • and traffic lights at all intersections that gravitate to the new railway route.

The project envisages superstructure made of grooved rail 60R1/ 260 and 290GTH attached with elastic accessories to a reinforced concrete slab with a thickness of 25 cm.

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