Sarajevo International Airport, Total Reconstruction of the Apron

In the period from 2012 to 2013 the IPSA INSTITUTE provided services for the development of the Preliminary and Main Design for the total reconstruction of the Sarajevo International Airport platform.

Project characteristics:
The amended Master Plan from August 2009 for the development period up to 2028 proposes that the platform is mostly used for class C narrow-body aircrafts and exceptionally for class D wide-body aircrafts. According to the plan, the platform is to be extended by approximately 20,000 m2 as part of phase I (up to 2018) and by an additional 22,500 m2 as part of phase II (up to 2028). The Preliminary Design addresses both extension phases, whilst the Final Design addresses phase I. The tender documents for apron extension phase I were developed in line with EBRD’s procedures. The following was performed: surveying, geological and geomechanical works, development of the preliminary design for the final solution for extending the platform and the final design for extension phase I. The civil engineering design for the extension, which encompasses drainage works, was developed as well as the airfield marking design, AGL lighting design in line with ICAQ standards and the IATA Manual, applicable regulations, directives, rulebooks and standards.

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