Sarajevo International Airport, Rapid exit taxiway

In 2022 IPSA INSTITUTE provided services for the development of the Preliminary and Main Design of the Fast Exit Guide of Sarajevo International Airport.

A rapid exit taxiway is a taxiway connected to the runway at a sharp angle and shaped to allow the aircraft to land at higher speeds than can be achieved on other taxiways. The conceptual project for expanding the manoeuvring areas of the Sarajevo airport, approved by the Master Plan, plans to build taxiways that will ensure flexibility in performing operations, ensure the rapid evacuation of aircraft from the runway, shorten the period of occupancy of the platform, and ensure the use of taxiway “A” for exiting the aircraft to the holding position at the same time as landing, and passing in the zone between the fast exit taxiway and the end of runway 29.

By implementing a rapid exit taxiway, it would be possible for the plane to leave the runway faster during landing, and at the same time, it would enable the realization of as many operations as possible on the runway. This increases the capacity of the airport.

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