Sarajevo City road, I Transferal Road Section, Sub-section: Roundabout Bare - Kobilja Glava Tunnel

In 2018 the IPSA INSTITUT has started providing services of the supervision of works on the construction of Sarajevo city road – I transfersal, subsection Rondo Bare – Tunnel Kobilja Glava. The services were successfully finished in 2022. The cliend in this project was Road Directorate of Canton of Sarajevo. The investment value of the project was €7 million.

Project characteristics:
Section II: Bare-Tunnel Kobilja Glava-Donji Hotonj,
Sub-section: Roundabout Bare – Kobilja Glava Tunnel (from km 2+280 do km 3+420)
Supervision of construction on the implementation of the first phase I transversal. The works include the construction of the route, drainage system, public lighting and electrical installations.

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