Sarajevo Bypass LOT2: LOT 2A/ Butila-Briješće, LOT 2B/ Butila – Stup LOT 2C/ Briješće – Safeta Zajke Street

IPSA INSTITUTE successfully provided services of supervision of works on the Sarajevo bypass following sections:
– LOT 2A / Butila- Briješće
– LOT 2B / Butila – Stup
– LOT 2C/ Briješće- ulica Safeta Zajke
The client was the PC Roads of Federation of BiH. The investment value of the project was €26,53 mil. In the period from 2014 to 2018 IPSA INSTITUTE provided these services.

Project characteristics:
The project of the Sarajevo bypass construction includes construction of the bypass which is a part of the highway on the corridor Vc in length of 8.6 km and connecting road between the bypass and the city network in total length of 7.3 km. The project aim is to build the bypass of the Sarajevo to eliminate the bottlenecks in the traffic and to improve access to the highway on Corridor Vc.

  • Lot 2A has separated carriageways for both directions and includes two parallel bridges “Briješće”, each 720 m long and approach ramps, each 126 m long. Carriageway for each direction has two traffic lanes and one emergency lane. Ramps have two traffic lanes. Each bridge (viaduct) has 22 spans, and they cross over roundabout. Lot 2A has length of 2,805 m.
  • Lot 2B connects roundabout and settlement Stup. With two separated roads for each direction which have two traffic lanes. Lot 2b included construction of one road and one bridge, as well as reconstruction of existing road and bridge L= 32,4 m. Lot 2B has length of 503 m.
  •  Section of LOT 2C Briješće-street Safeta Zajke, with total length of 1,2 km, consists of a full profile carriageway (2×2 traffic lanes) of about 800 m long, structure “Pergola”, 120 m long and a roundabout to connect it with Safet Zajko Street, total length of about 450 m.

The project was implemented in line with FIDIC Conditions of Contract (Red Book).

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