Rehabilitation of the Regional Road section Tromeđa – Zvirovići

In the period from 2019 to 2021 the expert team of the IPSA INSTITUT successfully performed services of the supervision of the works of reconstruction of the regional road Tromeđa – Zvirovići. The investment value of the project was €3,4 million.

Project characteristics:
Reconstruction and rehabilitation of the existing route is under construction, along with the extension of the pavement structure and construction of pedestrian paths, where this is foreseen by the project, and the construction of a roundabout at the Atlas location.

Total length of the project is 5.8 km and it is subdivided into 3 sections:
Section 1: Zvirovici – Miletina – 2.5 km
Section 2: Miletina – Međugorje (Atlas) – 2.2 km
Section 3: Medjugorje (Atlas) – Tromeda – 1.1 km

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