Motorway, Corridor Vc – Section Nemila - Vranduk

At the beginning of the 2022 expert team of supervising engineers of the IPSA INSTITUTE was engaged and successfully performed services of supervision of the works on the highway on corridor Vc, section Nemila Vranduk. The client in this project was the PC Motorways of FBIH. The investment value of the project was estimated at €65 million.

Project characteristics:
This section continues to the section Poprikuše – Nemila. It begins in Topčić Polje and ends at the location above the village of Stara Stanica. The total length of the subsection is 5.67 km.

The motorway is designed with two carriageways, separated by a dividing strip, which will each have two driving lanes 3.75 m wide and one emergency lane 2.50 m wide. The following facilities are designed on the motorway route: “Stara Stanica” viaduct, l=38, 0 m long and 4 underpasses.
Two bridges, M1 and M2, each of them l=185.0 m long, will be built on the relocated part of the main road, on the section where the main road’s route collides with the Bosna River. Also, the construction of a one-lane roundabout in the Nemila settlement is planned.
As part of the construction of the subsection Nemila – Vranduk, the regulation of the river Bosna through Nemila is being performed in a length of about 3.0 km.
The project implementation is in accordance with FIDIC Conditions of Contract (Red Book).

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