Motorway, Corridor Vc – Section Donja Gračanica (Zenica north) – Zenica tunnel

In the period from 2019 to 2021 IPSA INSTITUTE succeffully performed services of the supervision of the works on the highway on corridor Vc, section Donja Gračanica (Zenica North) – tunnel Zenica. The investment value of the project was €67,4 mil. The client in this project was the PC Motorways of FBIH.

Project characteristics:
Engagement on this project includes technical assistance to the Project Implementation Unit in front of the Client.
Donja Gračanica (Zenica north) section – Zenica tunnel continues to the Klopče section – Pečuj tunnel and represents the third lot of the so-called Zenica bypass. The subsection is 4 km long.
In addition to the open part of the route,the route consists of the Donja Gračanica viaduct, approximately 400 m long, the Hum tunnel, approximately 400 m long, the two shorter viaducts in the area of the Hece settlement and the Vraca tunnel, approximately 300 m long. Within this section, Zenica north interchange will be built together with toll collection station, as well as work of so called North connection to connect the Corridor Vc motorway to the city of Zenica and the M-17 main road.
The project implementation is in accordance with FIDIC Conditions of Contract (Yellow Book).

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