Highway, Section Vlakovo - Tarčin, Subsection Lepenica - Suhodol

In the period from 2012 to 2017 IPSA INSTITUTE provided services of supervision of works on the highway on corridor Vc, section Vlakovo – Tarčin, subsection Lepenica – Suhodol. The client was the PC Motorways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The investment value of the project was €67 million.

Project characteristics:
Construction of the 5.46 km long Lepenica-Suhodol motorway subsection within the Vlakovo-Tarčin section in Corridor Vc. The motorway is designed for a speed of 120 km/h. The motorway cross-section comprises two separate carriageways each composed of two traffic lanes and an emergency lane.
The below structures form the major features of this sub-section:

  • Twin-tube tunnel Grabosječ, measuring 888m / 833m in length,
  • Pre-stressed bridges: M1- (2 x 238m), M2- (183 / 219m),
  • One overpass and three underpasses,
  • Retaining walls measuring 1166m in length.

Electrical works: 20kV/0.4kV sub-stations, tunnel lighting, tunnel safety systems, fibre optic cables along the route, changeable message signs, video surveillance, radio wave propagation in the tunnel, fire alert system, remote control and management of traffic signs and tunnel systems.
Mechanical works : ventilation in tunnels and sub-stations.
The project was implemented in line with FIDIC Conditions of Contract (Red Book).

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