Highway on corridor Vc Section Svilaj-Odžak

In 2015 IPSA INSTITUTE started with the design services of the highway on the vc corridor, the Svilaj – Odžak section is 10,7 km long. The route was designed from the bridge over the Sava River, (which is the border with the Republic of Croatia), to the part south of Odžak. The scope of the project was

  • The main route (alignment) is 10,7 km long
  • Interchange ˝Svilaj˝
  • Rest area ˝Vrbovački Lipik˝
  • Toll station
  • Overpasses
  • Underpasses
  • Wildlife crossings
  • Service parallel roads in the length of approx. 16 km.

The project was successfully implemented with the assistance of the IPSA INSTITUTE through design supervision and was officially opened in 2017. (the bridge over river Sava and the border crossing were opened in 2021.).

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