Expressway, Tunnel Hranjen on Expressway Prača-Goražde

In the period from february 2019 to february 2020 the IPSA INSTITUTE Sarajevo as part of this contract concluded with the PC Highways of the Federation of BiH successfully performed services of supervision of the execution of works on the penetration of the tunnel Hranjen on the section of the Prača-Goražde expressway. In addition to supervision of the execution of works, the IPSA INSTITUTE also provides audit services for the main project prepared by the Contractor / Designer. The investment value of the project is €95 million.

Project characteristics:
For the purposes of the future express road Hrenovica-Hranjen-Goražde, a tunnel is being constructed through the Hranjen mountain massif, with length of 5.500 m, one tube + one emergency pedestrian tunnel. The tunnel is spatially positioned between the entrances to the north in the Cemernica Canyon and the exits to the south, in the valley of the Pothranjen stream.
Services include official design review-audit for main design prepared by the Contractor/Designer.
The project implementation is in accordance with FIDIC Conditions of Contract (Yellow Book).

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