Development of new and adaptation of existing design of motorway on the Corridor Vc – Main Design: Sections Putnikovo Brdo – Karuše and Karuše – Medakovo

In 2019, the IPSA INSTITUTE’s expert team started with the activities of analysis and adaptation of existing highway projects on Corridor Vc and the development of an innovative main design for the sections Putnikovo brdo- Karuše and Karuše-Medakovo. The services were successfully completed in 2022. The client for whom the services were provided is the PC Highways of the Federation of BiH.

Project characteristics.
The subject of the project is the highway section on corridor Vc is the exit from the tunnel Putnikovo Brdo (entity border) – Medakovo. The total length of the highway route on this section is approx. 8.5 km.

The project entailed the following:

  • Analysis of previously prepared documents
  • Development of the final design for alignment of the motorway section
  • Development of main design for traffic areas and local roads
  • Investigation works, preliminary and main geotechnical designs
  • Main designs for external and internal drainage
  • Main designs for traffic equipment, road signs and markings
  • Main designs for installations
  • Main landscaping designs
  • Other designs (Fire Safety, Health and Safety, Construction Waste Management Plan)
  • Expropriation reports, including land subdivision
  • Priced Bill of Quantities
  • Main designs for structures;
    -Underpass „Plane“ – 2×10,2m
    -Bridge „Usora 1“ – 2×270,00m
    -Bridge „Kraševo“ – 2×28,00m
    -Bridge „Tešanjka 1“ – 2×229,00m
    -Bridge „Tešanjka 2“ – 2×228,00m
    -Underpass „Tešanjka“ – 2×9,2m
    -Overpass „Bedaci“ – 2×12,5m
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