Corridor Vc Railway Section Podlugovi-Sarajevo, Phase II

In 2012 IPSA INSTITUTE provided services for the design of the railway corridor VC for the section Podlugovi-Sarajevo, phase II. The contracting authority from whom we were engaged was EC/BHRPC BHŽLK, and the investment value was 24 million euros.

Project characteristics:
The Project includes rehabilitation of the railway line in Pan-European Corridor Vc on 25 km long section Podlugovi-Sarajevo and 3 km long section Rajlovac-Rajlovac Fr. St. Phase I included the Feasibility Study, which identified the need to carry out the works in order to put the line into originally designed condition for speeds between 80-100 km/h and to make the upgrade to 120 km/h without realignment. Phase II included the Main Project for the detailed technical elaboration of the identified needs and included a series of works: new tracks and switches in 5 stations, rehabilitation of the substructure, 11 bridges and numerous culverts, installation of completely new signaling equipment and mutual dependence in the Semizovac and Rajlovac freight stations , upgrading of existing signaling equipment in other stations (Podlugovi, Rajlovac and Alipašin Most), installation of new signaling and safety equipment at 9 level crossings and work on the adjustment of the overhead line (OCL). As part of the Main Design phase, the tender documentation (TD) was drafted. Also,necessary site survey works were carried out in order to support technical solutions in the design, documented in Books 4 and 5 (topography/geodesy works and geotechnical investigations in accordance with the local regulatory requirements).

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