Our approach

Our services cover all activities involved in the cycle of an infrastructure project. We support our clients in identifying new services and products, evaluating their business potential, developing projects, preparing business plans and various market and project studies, as well as in preparing all portions of design documents.
Services provided by IPSA Institute include:
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  • Service and product development
  • Conceptual solution development
  • Development of preliminary and feasibility studies
  • Preparation of preliminary and final designs
  • Support in supervising all construction stages

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IPSA Institute nominates a Project Manager for each project. The Project Manager is an engineer with the required relevant experience. The project manager’s role is to ensure successful project implementation within time and budget constraints. The organisation of the project and engineering team is identified in accordance with specific project requirements.
For the entire duration of the project cycle, IPSA Institute’s team cooperates closely with the Client’s project team, coordinating activities so as to ensure the fulfilment of project requirements and to arrive at optimal solutions for the Client.