During the last two decades IPSA has mostly been involved in the rehabilitation of infrastructure systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina through different EU programmes (PHARE, CARDS, IPA, WBIF etc.). Recently, in light of the expected progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina towards integration in the European Union, IPSA has redefined its strategy towards strong commitment to the integration process by both supporting regional development through participation in the EU (co)funded Cross Border Cooperation Programmes (ADRION, DANUBE etc.) and promoting research & innovation through HORIZON 2020. In order to achieve the said objective, IPSA is determined to establish cooperation with partners in the form of a consortium with a view to apply for open or expected calls on other EU (co)funded programmes that companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina are eligible to apply for.

Consequently, IPSA’s management decided to establish IPSA EUFO – a team of dedicated and experienced experts to carry out its vision, mission and specific objectives:
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Excellence in planning and preparing applications for projects related to IPSA INSTITUTE’s core business that are eligible for (co)financing from EU programmes.


Offer the know-how of IPSA INSTITUTE so as to make it an attractive consortium partner for the purpose of applying for EU programme funds.

IPSA EUFO Objectives

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  • making IPSA attractive to consortium leaders formed in order to apply for calls already published or expected to be published;
  • developing own ideas by lobbying and gaining support for the implementation thereof;
  • gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare a successfull application for programmes (co)finansed by the EU.

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Call for partners in the field of mobility/transport

We are searching for the following additional partners for the H2020 :
1) public authorities and/or their departments interested in innovative sustainable mobility measures and/or engaged with mobility & transport management;
2) infrastructure owners and operators, transport service providers;
3) organisations engaged with passenger & urban freight transport;
4) organisations engaged with information systems and services for mobility/transport;
5) academia & research organisations dealing with mobility/transport.

If you are one of the above mentioned organisation, please fill in the following questionnaire:

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