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The continuity of IPSA Institute’s existence is best reflected in our continuous efforts to attain additional values both for our clients and our employees. Apart from extensive technical knowledge and professional capabilities, the provision of services in the field of infrastructure requires knowledge of regulations and the client’s needs. Continuous professional advancement dictated the need to form several organisational units, where capabilities, own methods and perspectives are further improved.
Tran comprises the Traffic, Surveying and Structural Divisions, which apart from structural engineers also include engineers specialised in geotechnics and tunnelling. The synergy between junior engineers, experienced designers and science Ph.D. holders betters both individual capabilities and creates collective knowledge within the organisational units.
However, since infrastructure projects are complex, our teams that provide services are organised in a transdisciplinary manner, enabling us to develop tailored and optimal solutions, yielding maximal benefits to our clients.

IPSA Tran, the building block of our company, offers full design services for transport infrastructure, ranging from railways to motorways, where special attentions is devoted to designing engineering structures according to functional and environmental imperatives.


Road and railway design is unimaginable without a wider insight into the context of existing infrastructure into which the new structure is to be integrated. The requirements to be satisfied by the designer when designing a new route are ever increasing, whereby not only functional and monetary requirements are to be satisfied, but also lifespan, assessment of whether environmental impacts are positive in the developmental sense or such that there is a negative impact on humans and the living environment. In developing transport infrastructure designs, our engineers are primarily focused on solving spatial conflict points, by using their knowledge and the tools that enable them to consider all aspects and concentrate on minute micro-location details without losing sight of the general context into which the design is integrated. IPSA Tran designs cost-effective structures in support of sustainable development at the locations of such structures.
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In IPSA Tran we deeply believe that designing structurally advanced, functional and aesthetically appealing bridges and viaducts does not necessarily imply high costs on the part of our Clients. We are convinced that the final result of advanced and optimised structural solutions can only be excellent structures. We design functional bridges that will stand the test of time.
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Major building construction projects always require a comprehensive understanding of the behaviour of the structure, as well as the capability to apply such understanding to specific projects. Hence, our structure design services always include numerical modelling and the use of different materials and technologies, in accordance with strict quality control procedures.
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After almost a 30-year hiatus, tunnelling in BiH has once again started to develop, with IPSA Tran taking the leading role in creating a modern approach and applying the latest standards to the designs of such structures. Starting from the fact that successful tunnel designing is primarily based on understanding the interaction between the terrain and the future structure, our geotechnicians deveop solutions that enable the optimal use of natural properties of the terrain and simplify the contracting and implementation procedures for the client through efficient risk management during the execution of works.
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All structures are, in some part, strongly affected by geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical terrain hazards. Terrain reconnaissance or rock and soil strengthening represent the key factors in reducing or optimising construction costs. Using cutting-edge calculation tools, our engineers provide consulting services that enable the client to efficiently manage natural risks.
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[tab title=” TRAN Roads “]

TRAN Roads

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  • motorways
  • city streets
  • trunk roads
  • car parks
  • regional roads
  • levelling plans
  • local roads
  • other

[tab title=” TRAN Railways “]

TRAN Railways

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  • new railway tracks
  • underground railways
  • modernisation and reconstruction of existing railways
  • tramways and light rail transit systems
  • new railway functions
  • special purpose tracks
  • modernisation of existing station buildings, industrial railway lines and marshalling yards
  • superstructure, switches


[tab title=” TRAN Structures “]

TRAN Structures

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  • all types of road and railway bridges
  • architectural construction works
  • superstructures
  • all types of structures


[tab title=” TRAN Geodesy “]

TRAN Geodesy

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  • review and development of maps
  • land expropriation reports
  • development of linear, traverse and elevation networks
  • underground installations cadastre
  • lower level triangulation and precise traversing
  • all investigation engineering activities