The core business of IPSA Institute’s organisational unit Spatial Planning and Architecture (PPA) includes spatial planning, urban development, designing, study documents drafting, development of energy efficiency reports for buildings and other structures and a wide range of activities related to the development, organisation and arrangement of space. The work of PPA contributes to the development and sustainable use of space, by applying the latest methods and technologies, as well as the experience and knowledge acquired over fifty years of practice. The goal is to create a quality product compliant with European standards, which will be recognisable and usable, thereby enhancing and protecting the space and its components.

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PPA is engaged in planning, designing and spatial consulting in BiH and the region, aspiring to expand its business outside the region.

Spatial planning

is defined as action towards the future, which the public sector uses as a tool to control the distribution of activities and people in space. Spatial planning includes all levels of land use planning, such as urban planning, spatial and environmental planning, national spatial plans and even international planning in the European Union.
PPA develops planning documents – regulation, urban and spatial plans, including strategic Environmental Impact Assessments. The underlying aim of the said plans is to enhance the quality of life in target areas, by way of organising, arranging and using space in a manner that supports the principles of sustainable development. Special emphasis is put on urban planning which addresses the organisation, arrangement and use of urban or city areas, that is, the physical, economic, social and ecological development of target areas. An integral part of the planning procedure, at all levels of planning documents, is the planning of traffic and other utilities within the scope of water engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunication and thermal energetics. In achieving this, PPA is supported by other department of IPSA Institute.
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is a system of activities elaborated in details, aiming for the future and addressing the issue of organising space and defining all of its shaping elements. It presents a set of different operations shaping the vision of a particular spatial materialisation of a structure, thereby solving all details required for the construction thereof.
PPA designs residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings. Considering the experience of IPSA Institute in developing such designs, clients can expect unique and modern solutions tested over 50 years of practice.
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includes advisory services ranging from spatial and urban planning to construction. The extensive experience of our staff in developing spatial planning and design documents, knowledge of the legislation regulating the fields of urban development and construction are the best qualifications of our staff for any project.
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A special design

area are designs and reports related to energy efficiency and certification of structures for compliance of the energy properties of buildings with applicable regulations. In developing any plan or design, PPA puts emphasis on economic, rational and sustainable solutions for the future.
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