In cooperation with colleagues from other departments of IPSA Institute, ITES offers various clients the possibility of amalgamating services into a unique package of documents required for the implementation and management stages of specific projects.
The most frequent users of the services of IPSA ITES are public sector institutions in charge of transport (Ministry of Transport, Directorate for Roads, railways, civil aviation, etc.), international institutions (EIB, EBRD, WB, EC, etc.) and various private sector clients.
Our experts provide various forms of technical assistance to public sector representatives, which is required to support and promote specific projects in the transport sector. The best example is the Corridor Vc project of BH Motorways.
All employees are fluent in at least one world language (English, German or French) and qualified to use numerous computer applications needed for studies and research.
In addition to close cooperation with many European and other professional associations, ITES employees are also active staff members of the University of Sarajevo.
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  • feasibility studies
  • technical and technological studies
  • traffic studies
  • master plans of transportation systems development
  • management concerning technical and economic systems
  • transport infrastructure, reconstruction and modernization development programs
  • specialised environmental protection studies


The above covers the following domains:

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  • transport demand studies
  • infrastructure categorisation studies
  • studies on mobile transport capacities
  • optimisation of technical solutions

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