modracHasan Fehratović, the Minister for Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection in the Tuzla Canton, signed a contract with the representatives of IPSA Institut for the development of the 2016 – 2036 Spatial Plan for the Artificial Lake Modrac Watershed. The Spatial Plan is of particular importance for the Tuzla Canton. As reported by the Tuzla Canton television station, the Spatial Plan will address areas of special character within the Lake Modrac watershed, such as the Modrac reservoir, the shoreline and all surrounding settlements within an area of approximately 8.120 ha.
Following the tender procedure, IPSA Institute was awarded the contract for developing the Plan.
The Spatial Plan for this area will define the fundamental organisation of space, utilisation, planning and protection measures. Furthermore, priority activities and environmental improvement and protection measures will also be specified. The Plan will encompass common natural and other features and the planned multipurpose use of the artificial lake.
The primary objective is the promotion of special features and particularities of the area, its natural integrity, ecological sensitivity, development and infrastructure restrictions, tourist attractiveness and other features of specific locations, as the basis for defining common criteria for space use and arrangement of business activities.
The Plan will also define requirements for the use of space, as well as urban and technical requirements for existing and future facilities in line with protection requirements related to the quality and quantity of water resources.
In addition, protection measures for natural and cultural assets will be proposed and certain construction intervention in the space will be specified in line with established restrictions and protection measures.

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