Organisational unit IPSA ENICOM develops strategic documents, plans and designs in the fields of energy and communication infrastructure.

IPSA ENICOM bases its development on continuous education and professional growth of its employees, thereby cooperating with leading scientific research centres and consulting companies in targeted areas and creating long-term business relations with its clients.

As for the field of energy, we are primarily oriented towards renewable energy technologies. We have also developed competencies in the domain of energy efficiency, offering our clients optimal solutions aimed at reducing energy consumption and, finally, costs. Our team has developed numerous designs in the fields of traffic infrastructure, municipal infrastructure, public lighting system, electrical and mechanical installations in buildings and industrial facilities. We develop plans and design for:

  • power generation structures – solar power stations, wind farms, cogeneration plants,
  • power distribution systems
  • electrical and mechanical installations for complex structures
Our team in charge of communication technologies implements cutting-edge solutions in their designs. ENICOM is experienced in carrying out complex infrastructure projects and commercial structures. Our designs include:
  • traffic management systems,
  • remote control systems,
  • remote metering systems,
  • SCADA,
  • fire alert and video surveillance systems.
IPSA ENICOM builds its market position on quality services and solutions for its clients, as well as on fostering the following key values: reliability, expertise, a professional and independent approach to each project and willingness to solve problems.
PSA ENICOM – a separate organisational and business unit dealing with energy and communication technology – bases its approach to all disciplines on three major pillars: